our tribe

We have created a platform within our urban landscape giving voice to this burgeoning movement.

The Mindful Agency are a unique kind of tribe, fusing creativity, good will and mindfulness together to create lasting and memorable experiences for their clients. 


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Vanessa Palmer is an Australian/ American, brand strategist, creative director, documentary filmmaker and mindfulness trainer. She began her journey into the creative industry after studying Fine Arts at The Art Institute of Chicago. Vanessa's invention of "Hippies," hipster hosiery and underwear in 1995, catapulted her on to the global fashion scene at the age of 24. At the age of 29, she achieved an invitation to the Australian Business Women's Hall of Fame for innovations and creativity in the arts.


After a long 8 years in fashion, she fell hard onto a yoga mat looking for a more mindful meaning and purpose. Vanessa opened one of Chicago’s first urban wellness sanctuaries in 2004; this is where she truly fell in love with teaching others about yogic philosophy, meditation, energy healing and mindful living. She started her own creative brand strategist agency in 2008. Since then she has helped pioneer brands and create grassroots ideas for companies in the wellness, designer and mindful markets.


In 2013 Vanessa wrote and published her first book, OM For The Mom, and began regularly teaching her lifelong passion of yoga and meditation.   A unique creative and mindful hybrid, in 2016 Vanessa merged her love of mindful living, travel, yoga, meditation and philanthropy into her first documentary:  Prana Warriors. This docu-series travels around the world to spiritual destinations guiding others on their path of self - discovery, spreading the love of mindful living, and helping global communities in need. 


Vanessa has helped coach, pioneer and brand strategize an amazing collection of global brands over the past 20 years. Her vast experience in every sector of agency work from - creative direction, social media, web, copywriting, art direction and brand strategy makes her an extremely well-rounded strategist.


Vanessa’s love of creating mindful experiences and bringing light to help and inspire others is what drove her to create her agency.  The Mindful Agency is a creative, marketing agency dedicated to marketing brands mindfully. The agency's mission is to help other brands spread the life-changing, contentment-boosting effects of mindful living and philanthropy.





Sarvin Haghighi is an Iranian artist, activist and mindfulness entrepreneur. Born in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war, Sarvin understood the power of healing through energy and mindfulness from an early age. As a child, her parents cultivated her passion for art and creativity, fostering her appreciation for Persian culture, design and poetry. Sarvin was specifically mesmerized by 13th century Persian poet Rumi, whose poetry continues to inspire much of her work.


Sarvin’s passion for people led her to Dubai in 2006 where she worked in the area of Human Resources. There she continued her mindfulness journey through art, exploring the power of team work and creativity as she cultivated mindfulness workshops for coworkers. In 2011, Sarvin climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, challenging her limits as part of her mindfulness journey. During the climb she met her husband and moved with him to Chicago in 2013. Since then, Sarvin has been creating mixed media art  inspired by her Iranian heritage. Her studio is located in Chicago’s Zhou B Art Center, and her work has been exhibited in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Sarvin’s primary message has been to share the beautiful and rich culture of her motherland, bridging the gap between  East and West through love and art. Her exhibit spaces often become installations, the Farsi word for “love” painted across the walls.


Sarvin hopes that, through this mindful and meditative way of exhibiting her art, she will create a peaceful space while also starting a profound dialogue. Sarvin shares a passion for creativity, love and mindfulness and, in 2016, joined the Curating Mindfulness team. Sarvin brings not only her mediative and artistic style to the agency, but also a passion to shift the world into a place of love and unity. Her mission is to help build the creative agency’s client portfolio and assist in shifting brands into a more mindful and creative space