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"We are living in a Mindfulness revolution."

- Time Magazine -

MINDFULNESS. Yep, it's a buzz word right now, but we've got a hunch that it's here to stay. It's on everyone's radar. Whether it's in yoga studios, retreats, listening to one of the hundreds of meditation apps, building schools in third world countries, or just learning to take pause and breathe - if you are engaging in one or more of these lifestyle choices, you are becoming more mindful.

The world we are currently living in is fractured - or some would say, broken. So, what measures need to happen to repair what humanity has done to each other, and to our beautiful Mother Earth? We need to rebuild and repair. We need to care more about helping others in need. We need to treat our earth like we would a newborn baby - with immense care and love. This is what needs to happen if we are going to shift the world into a better place. Now, who better to do this than the burgeoning movement of mindful humans that are scattered all over the globe? This ever growing market are not just a bunch of wanderlusting Hippies. They are visionaries, light workers, philanthropists and thought leaders. As the Mindful Movement gains force, at exponential speed, these mindful human beings are changing the world.

Now, if you are a brand, product or service trying to win this consumer over, or just get noticed by them, you need to learn how to connect with them on a different level. If you really want to dive into the sea of Mindfulness and connect with the holistic consumer, you need to take pause and check all the boxes in regards to their buying behaviors. Let's take a look at just a few of them.

1. They care about the world. Yep they give a #%*! - The Holistic Consumer believes when they are buying your product of service, It All Matters.

2. Is it locally made? If made overseas was it made in Fair Trade work conditions, not sweatshops?

3. Does the company Give Back a percentage of their sales to those in need?

4. Is the product free of harmful GMOs?

5. Is it Organic? Is it free of Gluten? The majority of Mindful Consumers are not Gluten intolerant, however, they certainly don't want it in their bodies - which they refer to as their Temple.

6. Does the company care about the Environment?

The list goes on and on. So understanding the journey of The Mindful Consumer - how they feel - empowers them to connect to the soul of your company. Things that were once considered woo woo philosophy are now considered to be very real in the lives of The Mindful Consumer.

Mercury in Retrograde is a serious time period for Holistic and Mindful consumers. This happens 3 - 4 times a year for several weeks at a time. Now, if you are selling facials, wellness products, incense, crystals, yoga, meditation and healing potions; this is the time you promote and launch new products. Through this period, The Mindful Consumer may retreat and indulge in a lot of self care. But, if you are selling anything that requires commitment and long term contracts such as: cars, electronics, phones, and engagement rings, you're not going to get them to purchase anything while Mercury is in retrograde. Unexpected energy happens in this period, and the belief is that things could go terribly wrong.

Moon Cycles are a big thing too, and these happen every month. When the moon is full, The Mindful Consumer feels the need to let go of things: burn, purge, become lighter and get rid of stuff. So, this is typically not a buying period time for them - it's a time to create space. Now, for example, if you're in the business of marketing matches, candles or any kind of recycling business, you want to amp up your strategy when there is a full moon period because your products and services are going to help them let go of things.

Now the new moon is a whole different phase. This is the time of new beginnings where the Mindful Consumer will invite new and fresh things into their lives. The Mindful Consumer is looking for new starts and beginnings when there is a new moon. So if you're in the business of dating services or travel planning, new moons are the time to gently let them know you could get them on their path to find love or travel the world. Essentially, if you have something they need on their journey, this is the time to connect your products or services to their path of enlightenment.

While planets and moons may seem woo woo and wacky to some, these cycles of life are inherent to the calendars of The Holistic Consumer - they live and breathe by them. Understand these cycles, learn them, plan your promotions, marketing and product launches around these movements, and watch the magic shift.

The Mindful and Holistic Consumer needs you to connect to them, not sell to them. They need you to inspire. The Mindful Consumer needs you to make them feel that in buying what you have to offer, is connection, and will make the world in which they live a much better place. So this is where you get really creative and inspirational in whatever you're marketing. If you don't love what you're doing, they are not going to love what you are selling. Before you can catch the eyeballs of a Mindful and Holistic consumer you need to understand one thing - they are on a journey. They are on their path to enlightenment, and along that path they are looking for things that are going to help them grow, feel good and change the world in some way. The Mindful Consumer must find you, you can not find them. This is where weaving the art of human connection comes in - you need to embed that into your company ethos.

All the stuff that get's thrown at us every single day - digital pop ups, buy me, like me - you would think that in order to stand out in this sea of consumerism you should probably do things differently, right? Yes you need to! So in order to STAND OUT we believe you need to STAND UP. Stand up for something you believe in and integrate this into your brand story. Let this energy breathe new light and life into your purpose, so you take the selling factor out, and shift the sale to an exchange of energy. Isn't that a blissful thought - to know that your products or services have changed or have meaningfully effected someone's life in some way? And when you change peoples lives, you help shift the world into a better place. This beautiful flow of good karma in the brand cycle of life is a win win for all - and that is what we call Mindful Marketing.

Join Vanessa and the tribe from the Curating Mindfulness Agency on September 12th, 2018 6 - 8pm for a special evening talk -

The Power of Connecting To The Mindful Consumer

A special 2 hour talk where you can learn inside mindful marketing tips, creative ideas and how to navigate your business and brand through the world of - Social Media, Brand Strategy, Goodwill Marketing and Consumer Experience.

Special Guest Speaker / Tom Tuohy

Tom is the founder of Dreams For Kids, published author and professor of social Entrepreneurship at De Paul University's Kellstadt Graduate School Of Business. Tom will be speaking on how to integrate Goodwill Marketing into your business.



Vanessa Palmer

Vanessa Palmer is the founder of the Curating Mindfulness Agency and Movement. She is passionate about energy, creativity, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and weaving philanthropy and goodwill into the world. She is a mother, published author and film producer. Her new mindful documentary series Prana Warriors about unique people traveling the world on journeys of self-discovery is coming out soon. Vanessa's mindful marketing agency, Curating Mindfulness helps companies find their purpose, tell their story and weave goodwill into their brands.

The Mindful Agency also pops up experiential meditation events and raises money for global charities and people in need. To mindfully top off the agency's unique list of mindful services, they also offer Mindfulness and Meditation Training for companies and Energy Architecture (Feng Shui) services to balance the chi in any work environment.

The Curating Mindfulness Agency is a one stop, mindful shop, for all your marketing, creative, mindful and good will needs for your business.





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